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Musical Device(s) of Choice: Microphone
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K-Hill (born Kelvin Hill) was born in Wilson, North Carolina but currently calls Durham home. Known as one of North Carolina's most talented Emcee/Producer's, K-Hill began his rise in the music scene at the age of 16 when he started producing music. After choosing Hip Hop as his main genre of focus, he soon began writing lyrics. As his skills developed, his natural talent took over and he quickly became known for his vocal consistency, raw enthusiasm on stage and demonstrative lyrics on the mic. These strong attributes continue to carry over into his current music.

With Hip Hop being a way to express oneself, K-Hill is a master at using real life experiences incorporated into his verses to draw the people to him. He has lived a life that wasn't always easy, but he has maintained the character of a man that is always striving to reach that next level. His style is east coast influenced, introspective with a southern accent. Being self-described as a super-hybrid of hiphop's golden era artist mixed with his unique style, K-Hill has proven that he has the talent to succeed and has already rocked stages with KRS One, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, 9th Wonder, Raekwon and EPMD, to name a few. He has been featured in publications such as Good Magazine, Elemental Mag, HipHop Game, Hip Hop DX, All Hip Hop and Christopher "Play" Martin's Brand Newz.

2004's nationally distributed release of "Da Instigator" (Neblina Records) gained K-Hill larger exposure, but his 1st solo project, "Stamps of Approval" (Kick-A-Verse) pushed him to the forefront, especially among North Carolina's Hip Hop scene and solidified him as a serious artist. He has since released an EP titled "Memoirs of a Premature Legend" that gives listeners an idea of where he came from and why he continues to be a major force in the game lyrically and production wise.

K-Hill's full length on Elementality, coming soon.


+ News K-Hill - The Covenant (Single)


Artist:  K-Hill
Song Title: The Declaration of an Independent
Featuring: Dasan Ahanu
Producer: Picasso
Director: Kent Willard & J "Water" Mullins



    K-Hill 'The Covenant (Da Instigator, Pt. 2) - Single'
    The Covenant (Da Instigator, Pt. 2)

    Coming Soon
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    K-Hill 'Da Instigator - EP'
    Da Instigator - EP

    MP3 | Digital Audio


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